Our Story

While listening to sports broadcasts and podcasts we became aware of a need. Professional gamblers or “Sharps” (What is a Sharp?) would claim incredible success in their bets on sports. Much like the Wild West, the world of professional sports gambling operates without much accountability. As the industry continues to grow, we present an independent rankings system to help promote transparency to fans and to expose Sharps ranked on our platform to a broader audience.

Aided by statistical concepts and modeling, our team built an algorithm to rank these Sharps. We use accuracy, number of picks, and other key performance indicators to compute an easily digestible “Score” which both accounts for Sharp’s past performance and ranks them against the performance of others. By normalizing these scores, we also created the first cross-sport ranking metric; fans can now compare a Sharp who focuses on professional football to one whose primary focus might be on college basketball.

To present the most easily accessible platform we bucketed these Sharps by Score into 5 stars, 4 stars, and 3 stars. This cycle (outlined below) is refreshed on a weekly basis and Scores and Star rankings are adjusted accordingly.

Our Story Cycle

You will notice two main navigation paths on our platform: by Sharp and by Sport, and subsequently by team within a Sport. This is for ease of use based on personal preference and to bring awareness for the Sharps listed. We encourage you to engage in both. When you find a personality or team you like, add it to your Favorites by simply clicking the heart icon. Check out the trending pop out for Sharps who have been successful with specific teams.

If you have questions or comments, etc. please reach out here. Check out our social media platforms . Keep an eye out HERE for new features and sports related content. We look forward to your involvement and believe you will find our data driven platform to be entertaining, insightful, and informational.